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Can you please add a small doc for the animations? Like the one in pixel characters 2D

Hi, what are the character dimensions? 32x32?

Hey there! That is correct, they're 32x32.

Hello. Considering purchasing this, because it's exactly what I'm looking for. However, I do have one question: the description says that this has fewer animations than Retro 2D Characters. If I were to purchase both, would the extra animations from 2D Characters be compatible with this asset pack? I'm using a custom engine, so the included scripts being written specifically for one or the other isn't an issue that I would need to resolve. 

Hey there! Thanks for considering to purchase the pack. The animations are not cross-compatible, since the styles of the two packs are very different. You're not really missing out on any important animations, instead more standard animations like walking, attack, etc. are more detailed in this pack. Hope that helps!

Can I use this in RPG Maker MV?

Hey there! You're free to use these in any engine that you'd like, so long as you adhere to the EULA. I haven't used MV much personally, so you will probably have to do a bit of tinkering to get them to work well with it. Hope that helps!

can i add new styles like hair etc be my self?

Hey! You're free to make your own custom assets for use in your own projects. Look at the existing hairstyles for reference.