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Drop.Beat is a genre fusion of puzzle matching and rhythm driven games, with a unique neon-visualizer aesthetic that draws you into the beat of the track. Match up diamonds of the same type and shoot for a high score!

Drop.Beat is a celebration of the wonderful mediums of video games and music. Experience your new favorite songs in an entirely different way!

Each music track is given ample care through its very own background visualizer, patterned randomization of blocks and tailored rhythm events. Tracks may feature challenging increases in tempo and block drop rate, followed by short pauses for a chance to breathe. Aside from gameplay changes, tempo events may change or introduce new elements in the visualizer as well.

This proof of concept demo has previously been featured at a couple of online game development contests. It is now available for all to try out! Do keep in mind that development is not currently ongoing. I'd still love to hear people's thoughts on this game and any support is very much appreciated!

Minimum System Requirements

OS Windows 10 or higher
Processor Dual Core 1,5 GHz or faster
Memory 2048 MB or more
Graphics DirectX 11 Compatible w/ 512 MB video memory or higher
Screen Resolution 1280x720 resolution minimum
Storage 110 MB or more
Sound Card Required, headphones recommended
Control Keyboard & Mouse and/or Gamepad (XBOX Controller recommended)

Content warnings: Photosensitive; slight flashing lights and effects warning. 

Featured Music: Mercury by Shane Ivers - https://www.silvermansound.com
Mercury © 2016 by Shane Ivers is licensed under CC BY 4.0


Drop.Beat Demo.zip 63 MB

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